What's the difference between Gen 2 and gen 3?

Gen3.0 has a longer length and the unique rivet design is more wear resistant and lasts longer. Suitable for use in any terrain or any offroad situation, it is a recovery track with strong comprehensive capabilities.
The advantage of GEN2.0 is the unique rivet arrangement and density, which makes the friction stronger and can be easily used by anyone. It is lightweight and easy to carry while ensuring quality, and is suitable for a variety of daily off-road activities.

How does the remote work without a battery?

Then use wired remote control. Wired and wireless all-in-one machine.

Can the winch above 10000LBS change the position or direction of the clutch?

Yes. Please contact customer service to tell you how to do this.

What should I do if the wireless remote control does not work?

First, check the battery of the wireless remote control.

Secondly, to check if the wireless remote control is activated correctly, check the BLOG.

If the battery is charged and it still does not work after activating the remote control, check that the hand switch is working.

Finally, contacting customer service can directly solve the problem for you.

The switch controller doesn’t work but the remote controller does.

Check whether cables are faulty according to the wiring diagram. WHERE IS THE wiring diagram?---FRONT PAGE---Blog Posts

Motor does not turn on.

Rocker Switch not connected properly/Loose battery cable connections. /Defective 
Rocker Switch /Defective Motor./Solenoid sticking.

Will this fit 2014 Volkswagen amraok withxrox comp bar ?

No problem! These winches can be installed on most bumpers. Just make sure the interior space of your bumper is larger than the winch's dimensions of 55.5 x 12.5 x 26.4 cm (L x W x H). The height requirement can be reduced if you mount the control box elsewhere on the bumper, as long as there's at least 20 cm of clearance.

The noise problem of the winch.

The engineer explained the noise issue by pointing out that the large winch employs oversized brake pads. While this extends the winch's service life, it does come at the cost of increased noise. Conversely, utilizing smaller brake pads would reduce noise, but at the expense of diminished lifespan.

Winch only in or out?

1.Is the wired switch on our winch functioning properly? If the wired switch doesn't work while the wireless remote does, the wired switch itself might be the issue.
2.If the wired switch works fine, then the issue might lie with the wireless remote. Start by checking if the batteries are charged. If dead, replace them. If charged and the remote still doesn't operate the winch, the remote itself is likely damaged.
3.If neither the wireless remote nor the wired switch can control the winch, there's likely a problem with the control box.

What is the function of the red wire on the manual remote control of the 3000 and 4500 winches?

The red wire must be connected to either the power source or the ignition key (terminal output wire).Connecting to the ignition key ensures that the winch can only be controlled by the manual remote control after the vehicle is started, which is safer.Direct connection to the power source may result in accidental activation of the winch by the customer, causing the winch to start suddenly and damage the customer's vehicle bumper.

The customer reported that the winch was previously functional but is now not working. The following are several possible reasons for the issue:

Low battery: The car battery may be drained and unable to provide sufficient power to the winch.
  Faulty contactor: The contactor inside the control box may be damaged, preventing the winch from receiving power.
  Signal interference (wireless remote only): If the wireless remote is not working, there may be signal interference in the area. Advise the customer to try using the remote in a different location or multiple times.
  Loose connection (wired remote only): If the wired remote suddenly stops working, advise the customer to check the connections between the remote and the winch.

Proper Use of Winch Rope/steel cable?

When using a winch, the rope on the outermost layer has the least strength. As the rope is gradually released, the greater the force it can withstand. When the winch reaches the red warning line (the maximum length of rope that can be released), the rope has the greatest strength.

When the winch is not used in a horizontal straight line, the pulling force of the winch will be discounted. It is not recommended to use the winch as a crane, i.e. in an inverted position.
   The wire rope will be fixed with nails at the end, and the nylon rope will be knotted at the end. During use, it is necessary to remind customers to leave at least 4-5 turns of rope on the winch drum. This can prevent the rope from suddenly breaking or breaking.

Why does the winch make a clicking noise?

When the remote control is pressed, the winch responds with a clicking sound but does not rotate. In this case, the problem is with the contactor in the control box.