This winch provides a reliable and efficient device for lifting and moving heavy objects. Whether used in film production, live events, or industrial settings, this winch is designed to handle a variety of tasks, such as towing vehicles, recovering off-road vehicles, moving cumbersome equipment, or providing aircraft use. Its proven performance and versatility make it a must-have for any setting.

Off-road vehicles:
Off-road vehicles may be equipped with recovery tools such as winches on the front and back bumpers, normally dead-bolted to the frame of the vehicle. The snubbing winch is used to pull vehicles out of mud, snow, sand, rocks, and water, and to pull vehicles through or over obstacles. The winch is made of cable made up of a braided synthetic rope, or a steel cable wrapped around a motorized drum. Each is controlled electronically, allowing the operator to control the winch speed.

An electric winch is a motorized device used for lifting, pulling and positioning of loads. It is typically mounted to a vehicle's front or rear bumper and is powered by direct current electricity provided by the vehicle's electrical system.

X-BULL winch series has dozens of winches ranging from 2,500 pounds to 14,500 pounds, with nylon rope or wire rope.